U.S. Holocaust Museum - 20th Anniversary Tribute - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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Friends and survivors, Henry Klapholz (80) (left) and Jerry Stein (84).
Henry Klapholz, from New Rochelle NY escaped German a day before the start of the war as a 5 year old, first to England and then to the U.S.
Jerry Stein of Englewood NJ is a survivor Auschwitz's I.G. Farben factory slave labor complex near Buna where he spent almost a year as a bricklayer. On Jan. 18, 1945, 16-year-old Jerry Stein was taken out of Auschwitz and put on a forced death march to the nearby town of Gleiwitz. There, Stein recalls, he was stuffed into an open-air train car along with thousands of other Jewish prisoners and the train was sent off, as the Nazis hunted for another camp in which to house them. It was a full week before the inmates were unloaded at the Dora camp in Nordhausen, Germany. Then he was liberated by the Russians.
Stein brags of his 3 children, 14 grandchildren, and 27 great grandchildren and "not done yet". "So we beat them"