U.S. Holocaust Museum - 20th Anniversary Tribute - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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George Oscar Lee (88) shows a pictures of himself from his days in the Polish Army and from his days in a displaced persons camp in Bavaria in 1945. He was born, a Jew, in Drohobycz (then Poland) on September 1, 1924 - war broke out on his 15th birthday. Believing that the Germans were going to conscript men for labor camps, he and his father ran east, into Russia, where they survived for some time living in the Ural Mountains. Lee then enlisted in the Polish military attached to the Soviet forces, and helped liberate Warsaw; at war's end he had made it to Berlin. He had no home to return to, and came to the US through DP Camp Foehrenwald, where he met his wife and mother of his children.