Police arrested Gus Speth, whose career includes co-founding the Natural Resources Defense Council and chairing the White House Council on Environmental Quality in the Carter Administration. He was among 65 environmentalists arrested on August 20, 2011, outside the White House in Washington DC, as part of a demonstration urging President Obama to block the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring oil from Canada’s oil sands projects to Gulf Coast refineries. The proposed $7 billion, 1,700 mile pipeline needs State Department approval to proceed, and the Obama administration plans to make a decision by the end of the year. This latest act of civil disobedience was the beginning of two weeks of White House demonstrations, with more arrests expected daily. Among those arrested on August 20 were Bill McKibben, the prominent climate activist and founder of 350.org; and Jane Hamsher, who founded the popular progressive blog Firedoglake. (Photo by Jeff Malet) - Jeff Malet Photography in Action