Capitol Hill 2011 - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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Hundreds of progressive activists attended a rally held outside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.on Thursday, July 28, 2011. The rally to "Save the American Dream" was organized to tell Democrats to stand strong against Republican debt ceiling proposals that cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while keeping keep tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and oil companies. Sign in photo reads "War-racket sucks US Treasury dry". Another sign reads "Tea Party Members Need To Ask Their Constituents if They Would Support a Tax Increase for Households That Earn Over $1,000,000 Per Year!" Participants included major labor unions such as AFSCME, CWA, AFGE, Teamsters, and various progressive groups such as Move-On, Rebuild the Dream, Jobs with Justice, Gray-Panthers and Code-Pink. (Photo by Jeff Malet)

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