LOC National Book Festival (2015) - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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Andrea Wulf
Andrea Wulf is an author who trained as a design historian at the Royal College of Art in London. Her writing has been published in the Guardian, Sunday Times, The New York Times, Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. Her book “Founding Gardeners” was a New York Times best-seller, and her novel “The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession” received the American Horticultural Society 2010 Book Award and the CBHL 2010 Annual Literature Award. In her latest work, “The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World” (Knopf), Wulf explores the life of the German naturalist. Wulf is a lecturer at the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Society in London.