U.S. Holocaust Museum - 20th Anniversary Tribute - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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'Rona Zinger held a copy of her book with her story, "Smuggled in Potato Sacks." Zinger was born in the Kovno Ghetto, when such births were "verboten," according to a German order of July 24, 1942. Rona's mother was Ronia Rosenthal, the baby rescue activist, who found willing foster parents outside the ghetto for an unknown number of babies within the ghetto. Her father was Shmuel Rosenthal, a teacher in the ghetto, who taught in the Underground School of the Ghetto. In November 1943, the 10-month-old Zinger was drugged so that she would not cry or scream and was carried out by her foster father when he joined Jews going to work. She survived with the help of a foster mother and was re-united with her father in 1949. Her mother had perished.