U.S. Holocaust Museum - 20th Anniversary Tribute - jef1000

Jeff Malet Photography

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Henry Greenbaum (age 85) from Bethesda MD and daughter-in-law Jacqueline Greenbaum. Henry spent his years 12 thru 17 in one camp or another. Henry Greenbaum was born Chuna Grynbaum in Starachowice, Poland, on April 1, 1928.
In 1944, Henry was deported to Auschwitz and incarcerated in the Buna-Monowitz subcamp, where the I.G. Farben Company owned a factory established for the purpose of producing synthetic rubber and fuel. As the Soviet army approached, Henry was evacuated to Flossenbürg, a concentration camp near the Czechoslovakian border. When American forces neared Flossenbürg a few months later, the prisoners were sent toward Dachau on a death march. Henry was liberated at Neunburg vorm Wald on April 25, 1945, by US soldiers from the 11th Armored Division. When liberated, Henry weighed only 75 pounds.
Today Henry serves as a volunteer at the Museum, sharing his story with visitors.